My brave wallet is connected to Gemini India

Recently, brave connected to Gemini wallet again.

Though I know, it’s not supported region.

And I think I know what’s reason behind this.

My laptop has time problem and set automatically itself whenever I boot. ( I think this time difference made me bypass brave restrictions)

Also I received bat in Gemini.

I’m just reporting bugs.

It is not a bug. The thing is that if you had Gemini connected before all this region unsupported issue started, you can connect back irrespective of the geo location.

Then why My other devices can’t connect?

Could you please elaborate on the issue faced on other devices?
If you are facing the issue of a greyed out button which doesn’t respond to clicks, then yes, that’s something I am facing as well. You can reply with a ‘me too’ at

If many people face the same issue even though connected to Gemini earlier, then we might be able to get some answers from the support team.

You mentioned it here :slight_smile:

Again, where exactly did I mention “reset device”?

Are you not capable of understanding that this is completely different topic from my previous post.

They didn’t unban in india its 20 january

Well, the Indian rules & regulations have been pretty responsible for this crap. If you have heard, many top officials of crypto exchanges have said that India is not a Viable market for crypto industry. Also there’s been some pushback informally.
So as of now, Brave is working with a new Custodian to get India back as supported region. That was announced by Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave.

Thanks for the update, Aaditya. I’m glad to hear that Brave is working to get India back as a supported region. It’s a shame that the Indian regulations have caused such an issue for the crypto industry, but hopefully it can soon be resolved.

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