Unable to access Brave rewards page

I’m having the same issue for almost a month, and nobody has any solution to it, not even the support.

  1. What OS version are you using? Android what?

  2. What version of Brave are you using?

  3. That even have internet? I see 0K/s on your top left, indicating no internet. And your WIFI on the top right has no signal.

That’s not true. I do see your own Topic has no response yet. Meaning with all the activity on this site, it went overlooked. My BAT disappeared and I can't view my reward page

The only official response from Brave in regards to the issue was:

I’m not sure if you’ve actually created a Support Ticket like Mattches advised to do. Keep in mind Brave Community is mainly “community,” meaning Users who help each other. It’s not always staff from Brave who will see and respond to it all. If you need Brave to assist, you need to properly contact Support by creating support tickets or by creating a Github account and learning how to post Issues and all there.

Of course I’d opened a ticket to this effect and I’d been contacted by support through email. The problem is I did everything I was told to do with outout any positive outcome; Updated to the latest version, cleared cache, restarted the phone and so forth. So it’s actually true what I said initially as against you saying “that’s not true”

are u receiving your monthly payments? From brave

  1. Vivo y55s

  2. Latest

  3. Surly yes.

Can you please tell me the ticket number of the support request you sent so I can make sure someone continues to troubleshoot the issue?

Thank you.

@Dev3 and @Aje42 just to let you know, this was logged as a current issue and will be getting worked on.

In the meanwhile, can you clarify what you’ve tried? For example, did you Force Stop Brave and Clear Cache?

NOTE I’m saying cache, don’t clear Data. Though Clear Data may help, it also would erase all your BAT stored on the device that is not currently in Uphold/Gemini. So don’t clear Data…only Cache

Also if you can be more specific in your answers, I’ll post questions.

  • What Android version are you using?

  • Which device are you using

  • What version of Brave are you using? (don’t say Latest, tell me the actual version number)

  • When did this issue start?

  • If you tap the little triangle on your address bat, can you see Rewards info there?

  • Does your device pass the SafteyNet check? Make sure to do it, screenshot results if possible.

@Saoiray. Good to know that this has been logged as current issue.
Like I said in my previous post, I did clear cache and also force-stopped my Brave app in order to rectify this issue.
I’m on Android 9
Samsung galaxy S8+
Brave: 1.40.111 Chromium: 103.0.5060.70 (Official Build) (64-bit) (I know there’s a recently released update)
When I click on the Triangle, it shows my balance. But when I click on the gear icon (setting), it goes to a blank page.
My fone passed saftynet.
Its been a month I started noticing this.
I received June payout into my Uphold account yesterday and I’m so grateful.

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I haven’t forced stopped brave. I clear caches regularly.

The problem is same as explained by @Aje42 . I’m facing it from probably 2 or 3 july 2022.

I’m using,

Android vivo Y55s

Earlier I was using previous version of brave, when i encountered with this issue, I updated the app. But it didn’t worked. Now I’m using the latest version on play store (ss attached).

Yes, If I tap the little triangle on my address bat, i can see Rewards info there.

Yes, ss attached

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Any progress? It is still a blank page.

@Dev3 https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/23951

Actually, I had missed their question yesterday. They were looking into it and just put it into Backlog. The question they were asking is:

@Saoiray does restarting the app help, or does it persist?

I know I asked you earlier, but I’ll just verify, you’re still having the issue and if you restart the app it doesn’t make a difference, right?

It’s still the same blank page on my end too

Yes, restarting the app doesn’t make a difference

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Yes, it’s the same.

And therefore pages like brave://rewards/#verify or Likewise are also not working…

@Saoiray Any progress? It is still a blank page.
2022-07-25T18:30:00ZBlank brave rewards page :sleepy:

@Dev3 Not quite sure. I know I submitted info on Github for @chriscat. Also meant to ask, did you ever submit that ticket like @Mattches had asked you about in a comment above? Lastly, I did just send messages out to ask if they can check in on y’all.

I will reach out and try and get some eyes on this issue asap. It has the P2 label, which means it should be addressed sooner rather than later regardless.

Appreciate everyone’s patience.

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@Saoiray . BTW ur nice one :blush: