Twitter ads (↗ Promoted) can't be blocked by Brave Browser [Mobile]

I recently downloaded Brave Browser on mobile, but turns out Brave can’t even blocks Twitter ads. I used AdBlock Plus Browser on mobile for a few weeks ago, it works well, but very laggy while blocking it. I found that Brave can block Twitter ads on desktop, but is it possible on mobile? Also, Reddit ads also can’t be blocked either. Can anyone how to fix this?


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If no one replies in 1 month to solve the problem, I’ll no longer supporting it and uninstall it anymore.

Hi @anonymousidk5, Sorry I missed your original post.

On Mobile, cosmetic blocking is still coming which will allow hiding of text (and blank spaces). It is planned for early/mid year for release, we’re just ironing out the bugs.

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Thanks for the info. I’m looking for it

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