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How do you turn OFF the tab pop-up on hover? Disabled “Tab Hover Card Images”, but that didn’t change anything. Thanks!

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I think there used to be a flag just for hover cards and a flag for hover card images… The regular hover cards just shows some text and became standard and flag removed. The hover card image flag is still a flag but that just determines if you see like an image preview of that tab. I think hover cards is standard now and you can’t shut off.

Hover card image

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OH, Ok …Thanks! Hate to hear that … I do “not” like that feature, but apparently some did for it to be permanent. In my opinion, “all” features should have the ability to be disabled.


Well I don’t know what the numbers are for those that just don’t close tabs, but I can see a use case for them… Imagine you have all these tabs open that all you see are the close buttons… lol

Well this feature and the hover tab image flag helps those guys out… :crazy_face:

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TRUE…certainly a “use” for it … just wished for those who don’t need/want it it could be turned OFF. :slight_smile:


Second that this feature should be possible to disable. It came not long ago, I disabled it immediately as I don’t want garbage to display as I’m hovering over tabs. Now it’s back, and it can’t be turned off, is that the conclusion here?


Well @Rethanis posted a github link saying that they want to change it… But is is only a P3 priority, so maybe not anytime soon…

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Google has this enabled by default. I’d say it wouldn’t cause too much of an issue, but I’d say it could help to disable it at times.

(Also wanted to note that the non-image hover barely scrapes the tab’s contents)

Brave could add a LOT of content in Appearance though, and I agree; it the tab hover effect doesn’t seem to have much purpose. :expressionless:

This is SUPER ANNOYING! Is there ANY way to disable it?!


Ohhh, I hope this could be switched off somehow…

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Logged in specifically to bitch about these hover cards…someone please slap those responsible for this. :sweat_smile:


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