Turn on which sync first?

@SetagayaGirl it doesn’t matter which one you create the sync chain with or anything. The way sync works is that it first puts everything together, making sure all devices have the same information. So if your Windows has 100 bookmarks and your Linux has 10, you’ll end up with 110 bookmarks (assuming all are different) on your Linux and Windows.

Once everything is matched, it then replicates all actions taken on either device. So if you delete a bookmark from Linux, it will remove it from Windows or vice versa.

Key takeaway is that neither machine will be seen as “the host” and it won’t remove anything on the initial syncing. Things only get removed after you have them synced together and take actions like adding or removing info.


Three things I want to advise:

  1. It’s probably best to leave History sync off for now unless you absolutely need it. Since full history sync was added, there have been a lot of issues with sync chains hitting commit limits and then sync chains breaking. Once a chain is/was broken, we pretty much have no choice but to delete the sync chain and create a new one. Leaving History disabled prevents this for now.

  2. Keep in mind that Sync is not a backup. Lots of people have thought the codes would be the same and it could be used to keep their information safe similar to how passwords and other information get saved on Google. But this isn’t what sync is all about and the code does change daily. There also is still talk of them eventually making additional changes to how sync codes work. So don’t rely on it to think your information is saved somewhere to be restored. Instead just keep in mind it’s there only to replicate data between multiple devices.

  3. Lastly, it’s always recommended you do occasional backups of your data just in case anything ever goes wrong. While rare, some people have reported losing all data after updates or accidentally deleted things (which then synced) and they lost it forever.