Trojan from "Brave beta" version! [Trojan:Script/Conteban.A!ml]

Hi there! I’m wondering for some that I’ve never expected to experience, and it’s why do I have to see “Trojan:Script/Conteban.A!ml” coming out to Windows Security notifying me when I have just been using a completed new version (latest) of Windows 11 without (just watching some YouTube’s media) bloatware? I figured to try “Brave beta” and this is happening. Fortunately, Windows Security deleted it at time and it came from browser (according to WS report). Searching for it, it’s a bit related with mining and your browser is made for it, didn’t it?. I use high security settings, and that’s why I fear your Browser now, it’s sad, but true.

Nope. Perhaps you should get back to reading about it.

Perhaps not high enough. Sounds like a porn site, email, or something you’ve accessed or downloaded contained the virus. Just so you know, this trojan has been around the internet since before 2019.

You do realize how that works, right? That’s where it found the virus, sure. What you’re saying is “we found someone sleeping in my bed. They must have come from the mattress factory!” Where it is found does not imply how it got there or where it’s from.

As for your particular trojan, it usually is installed after you obtained a different virus or malware, which is what then installs it. Make sure you run scans and then be mindful of what you download and file sharing you use.

I’m using a new PC, new Windows 11, nothing more than Brave as downloaded browser. I just was playing some music on YouTube while reading a book, so Windows Security found it and deleted it as well, but hasn’t to be with what you’re saying. Anyway, it was deleted as soon as possible and that’s why I was wondering, if just downloaded Brave Beta, why do I will see that coming?. Btw, Microsoft Safety Scanner didn’t found nothing after Windows Security deleted it. We’re inside Internet after all, just wonder that this was detected from Brave and never since years that happened to me.

Could be anything. The world is an interesting place.

Been going on for a while, all over the world. Could be you just drew the short end of the stick, assuming truly new and you’ve done absolutely nothing else with the PC that might have picked up on it and hadn’t attached anything that could have installed.

Well, guess thanks for sharing anyway. Fortunately, Brave is safe and there’s not been issues as long as it’s downloaded and installed from the official site.

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