Transaction to wallet

I made a transfer in dollars, from the world coin app, worth $27. The world coin app says that the transfer was completed successfully but I did not receive the money from my wallet.

It will likely need to be added manually. You can use these instructions.

The contract for WLD is 0xdC6fF44d5d932Cbd77B52E5612Ba0529DC6226F1


the token has been already added and nothing apppeared

Could you provide a screenshot of the token information? Example below:


Its the same, the thing is i transfer dollars from Worldapp to ETH in Optimism to my brave wallet so this doesnt have to do nothing to it

What token specifically are you attempting to see in Brave Wallet?

ETH in optimism . … … . … . . . .

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 10.42.03 AM

Do you see the ETH on Optimism option available? Is it hidden or visible?

Visible . … . . . … . . . … . .

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