Total Amount of BAT received on my Gemini account is way less than it should be

So far, I’ve linked 3 brave browsers to my Gemini account (2 Brave, and 1 Beta browser). Except the very first brave browser I linked (linked almost a month ago) that I received the full payout from what was in my browser. the other 2 (the beta browser I linked 3 weeks ago, and the 1 other Brave browser I just linked yesterday), the total payout is WAY LESS than it suppose to be. At first, I thought it could take few days for the fund to completely reach my Gemini account, but for my Beta browser, it’s been weeks, and the amount still not arrive. For my beta browser, I received little less than half of what I suppose to receive (suppose to received approximately 34 BAT, only got 16ish), but for my other Brave browser I just linked yesterday, I received WAY LESS (suppose to receive 32 BAT, but only got little over 7 BAT). At this time, I don’t believe time will correct this and get me my missing BAT.

Is this some kind of bug that’s currently happening for others? Is there a way to recover those loss BAT? Those are BATs I accumulated over 6 months, now I only got 1/6 of those that’s beyond sad…

@liangorange You should raise a ticket here-

Walled payment id would be required in the form and will be found here, in each browser- brave://rewards-internals/ (Don’t post is anywhere publicly). Also you can create 3 tickets separately for 3 bowsers or you can add two other wallet payment ids in description of the 1st ticket (recommended).

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