TOR through Brave really NOT secure at all

Ok… This version seems not to be noted in the releases for some damn reason. Though it doesn’t explain all the weird **** here, i’ll give result of eff coveryourtracks. I still believe this is a Linux only thing and highly doubt it’s only me.

Sorry, got away from computer and was getting ready for bed. Forget actual number but think my PC is on like 1.58.137, but who knows if that’s right or just number in my head. I keep it updated by all means.

I mean, hard part is I know they’ve tried saying that some of these tests just aren’t valid as they test for things and run very particular API that we don’t encounter in the wild.

What I just did from my phone was dig through some links from similar topics where the privacy team has referred me before. If you have time, it might be worth reading.

In particular, actually addresses this very type of test on

They also have some info written at (though showing edit in 2021, not sure if they shouldn’t update).

In any case, I’m heading to bed for now. I’ll try to catch up with you later if you have any further questions or comments

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