Tor on Brave for IOS

I am very fond of the Private tabs with TOR on brave for windows. However, the IOS app has been lacking in this Regard. I believe that this will create a new market for the Brave Browser if implemented correctly because most of the TOR browsers for IOS are either Spyware, Adware, insecure, or poorly implemented. This will be best accomplished with a direct translation of the TOR source code into swift. Much like translating a book from English to Spanish. A very similar method could be used to translate Torrc to Java/Kotlin for android devices as well, But it could also take place in the form of executing Torrc in complied C and Brave in interpreted Swift. This would not work on Android however. A second feature would be to allow for custom DNS servers on IOS so I could connect my iPhone to a DNS server that I control. I was thinking of PI-Hole DNS as an example. My third feature Request would be to download a files for a specific webpage for use offline. This would open up a whole new market by competing with the paid app Site Sucker, thus making Brave a useful Archival app as well. So, what do you think?

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