Brave browser with Tor support

Hello friends,
Is there Brave version for android with Tor? Maybe I can’t find it…
Thanks, best regards.

No. Tor functionality is only available on desktop ATM.

It has pieces of been in the worms for quite while, but I would t hold my breath on it happening any time soon. The easiest options available would be:
Official TOR browser (not kept up to date and lacking major functionality like saving pictures, bookmarking, etc)
Orbit + Firefox nightly on private tab
Or my personal preference while on android:
Brave browser private tab + InviZible Pro from the play store, is both free and open source it comes with Tor, DNSCRYPT, and Iwo with a massive amount of customizability you to use any combination of the 3 and the ability to force all connections through Tor etc.
The only limitation I’ve run into with InviZible Pro us that it doesn’t work with ipv6 but who cares
the only thing you get for buying the “premium” version is a night theme for the app and the knowledge you helped a solid open source project
you can also get the beta via IzzyOnDroid on F-droid or get the beta or build +sign your own + review the code via github~~/Gedsh/InviZible/