Tokens not showing in wallet

I have very limited knowledge on Wallet, so take things I am about to answer with a grain of salt. I’m not saying it’s 100% accurate, but am going with some assumptions and sharing basic understanding through observations only.

Swap is generally done through third party, so you would have that in whatever they showed. You still would think something would show in transaction history though.

Issue is whatever you did must not be in self discovery. So you’ll have to add the asset. You can kind of see instructions on checking this at my little FAQ at Adding new asset to Brave Wallet or Brave’s official guide at

jeo boden is not a token automatically in Brave Wallet from what I can tell, as I had just looked for it in all Available Assets and it’s not there. So we’d have to Add custom asset and provide details for the coin. Then it should be able to pull up in your portfolio