To save memory, Brave removed some content on Firestick (not Firestick 4k! )

Hi to all, i’m new here. I’m just going crazy to play some webpage with live video on my Amazon Firestick TV.
Yes, i love use BRAVE on Firestick even if it’s impossible to use it with remote control. However i solved with ZanK Remot and Mouse toggle apk. But… the problem i want share with you not regard this compatibility problem.

I have two Firestick in my home. One is Firestick 4K. On Firestick 4K the problem does not appear. On the Firestick TV classic instead, after 3 minutes of playing video Brave stop the video and show a message
“This page use too much memory, so Brave removed some content. Show original” and popup go away after 3 seconds. if I’m quick enough to click SHOW ORIGINAL button I can watch a whole film or game without interruption.
This happen with last Bravearmv1.47.8.apk

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I tried installing the older downloadable version BravearmRelease v1.35.97.apk and this happen too, but message it’s different: “To save memory, Brave removed some content” but…the great news is that the popup does not disappear and can be clicked comfortably

Why the problem it’s only on the basic version of Firestick and not Firestick TV 4K ?
it’s due to ram difference? or different FIreOS version?

How can solve this?

@scaistar Not sure you’ll get any help on this. Brave was not designed to run on FireTV, Chromecast, Google TV, etc. It’s for cell phones, tablets, and computers only. For you to have put it on Firestick, you’re doing so manully and not in a a way Brave intended.

I guess I’ll wait to see if you get any response, but I’ve yet to ever see Brave Support help people resolve things like this.

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