Tirexo.work (streaming impossible)

Description of the issue: Video playback doesn’t start

Exact URL of the website in question: Example https://www2.tirexo.work/streaming-9092158.html

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no) Yes

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off? Yes

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no): No, just turn On brave shield

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome? Yes

Brave version (check About Brave): Nightly 1.31.7

Working for me, Had to change the VPN (not the USA). But had no issues with default shields. Does it work in private window mode?

No it doesn’t work in private window. The video only starts when I deactivate Brave Shield

Test from another VPN location, also a clean profile (had Brave beta profile handy here)

I don’t use a VPN. Even after a complete reinstallation of Brave, the videos do not start.

I have no problem with uBlock Origin.

Ok, i understand. The problem comes from the list integrated into Brave “French Adguard”.

I disabled it and replaced it with https://filters.adtidy.org/extension/ublock/filters/16.txt (pick up in uBlock Origin)

Okay, good to know. I’m looking to resolving this with Adguard devs

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Problem still present today.

Thanks for the nudge, still investigating a work around

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