The URL QR Code Generator Lion cuts off some of the URL

Can you make the QR Code Generator Lion just a little smaller? It currently cuts off the code on the top and bottom (not a ton, but noticeable)
See Below:

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It doesn’t cut any of the important code.

You can still scan that code and it will redirect you to the needed URL.

Oh I know that, it just doesn’t look as professional to have the QR code cut off, It would be an improvement to shrink the size of lion by just a little bit.

This is made to show people that it was made by Brave and it also looks cool in my opinion.

But, for any professional work, I would suggest you to use an external website to create the code.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t want Brave to make the lion better, I’m not saying it should be removed. It should be shrunk a tiny bit so it looks better for all of its users.

It’s not my professionalism I’m talking about, it’s Brave’s.

Obvious cut off images are sloppy in design and form. Brave can make their QR’s better in a matter of minutes by improving the way the lion is cropped in the middle of the QR code.

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It’s fixed! Thanks Brave!