The triangle icon is not displayed

I joined the Brave affiliate program. Install app into my iPad but I don’t see the triangle icon next to the Brave icon as I see on some video!
Does it affect to my earning as an affiliate?

Because Brave Rewards is not available for iOS, yet, @baokhau.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks @eljuno, thanks means it doesn’t affect to my earning rewards, correct?

By the way, I’ve heard that the Brave affiliate program will be taken down later that means I can’t make money as an affiliate. Is it right?

Brave rewards i.e the red triangle is not available as said above
If you mean affiliate program as in
your earnings are not affected
as of now end date is dec 31st

If my referral download Brave browser and use it since Dec 31st, I will not get commission, correct?

Could not get you clearly
Your referal can download brave till 31st dec
then your invites use brave for more than 30 days
All good


If my referrals download Brave AFTER Dec 31st and keep it for 30 days, will I earn commissions?

As per information available now
Stay tuned

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