The notification does not open in Brave

When I receive a notification from a website and press on it, it does not produce any action. The problem occurs when under the backdrop of notifications Or when I try you put the pop-up menu of prolonged pressure on the application.

I tried the same in other browsers and it works correctly in them. Any suggestions or help?

What version are you running and what Android version is on the device?

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My device is with Android 8.0.0.

And the Brave version is the latest from github 1.4.1, Chromium 77.

Thanks will check it out in 1.4.1 build

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Okay. I hope you find a solution quickly! I appreciate your response very much. Regards

Any news or progress on this topic? Right now I am using version 1.4.1 rc3 of github and it still doesn’t work. Thank you.

Issue logged for this

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Thank you! I will follow the situation there. Thank you for your answer.

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I comment, according to the address on this topic in github, for me it still does not work. Notifications do not open in Brave. I tried this with the latest version available on github.

Test performed according to github thread.

The results did not change, and nothing good happened.