The downloading speed is very sloww!

Hello, Im having trouble while downloading files using brave.
My connection:

What i get while downloading:

Also, i was using VPN, but i noticed it then i turned if off, and re-downloaded the file from the same site.
Sorry for my bad English^

And i also got another problem, I tried to download using earthnet (Plugging a Cable From the Modem to my Laptop)
But some times the download freezes without any reasons, even if i try to re-download.
My connection while using earthnet:

Hello @Deebrio

1)turn off vpn
2) check the download from another website for example try microsoft or oracle or any site that has reliable speed and see it the download speed is slow also or just certain website

  1. try to download the same file from different browser and compare the speed with brave

hope that help and have a nice day

I had the vpn on, but i turned it off then re-Downloaded the file
I did try, but sometimes is goes like 100-400kbs for 2-5 mins, then it jumps to 1-2mbs
I Didn’t really try to download using another browser. But i will try.

I’ve fixed my problem. you can delete the topic.
thanks for helping


glad to hear that

you can delete it by yourself click on the 3 dots below your first post then click on the recycle