Using Brave Logo Guidelines For Creators

Hi I’m Wondering if some Brave Staff could help me out on this one i cant seem to find much information. I’m wondering what guidelines must creators follow when placing Brave logos on there Youtube channel, Website, Twitch and wherever else. I don’t want to get a message one day saying i’m in major violation of some copyright laws or anything. I seen a guidelines image in the assets download but this had little to no information regarding legal requirements of displaying the Brave brand logo or name. For me some written guidelines would be much appreciated, for example i’m guessing you cant display negative brand tarnishing info along with the logo but i’m just guessing because i can’t find any real guidelines. A response from a Staff member would be appreciated, Thank you for the help. :smile:

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i think any promo assets any can use how want. but you no can modification this and all without accept brave company.

also i think you like this extension for chrome by google.

None of your recently used passwords were detected in a data breach. :sunglasses::laughing::yum:

Hmm, Brave does make their stuff available here and here, but yeah, there don’t appear to be much in the way of guidelines for the use of their logos and such. I downloaded the archive from the second link and looked for a document, but came up empty. Great suggestion @crosslybobo3.

I have there logo on my you tube channel right now i just dont want to hear that im being sued a year from now lol. any chance @brockdh know anything on the matter. again some info from staff would be greatly appreciated.