Under which license is the Brave logo in?

TL;DR: Is Brave under a free license that can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons?

I wanted to upload the Brave logo in Wikimedia Commons, so it would be available to Wikipedias of all languages to illustrate the articles. For that, it is required that the logo is under an acceptable license that is free (as in freedom).

The logos from Google Chrome and Opera are currently considered simple geometry, making them ineligible for copyright. Firefox’s SVG logo is explicitly stated as CC-BY 3.0 under their Product Identity Assets page, so it could be uploaded.

Brave’s license for their logo is currently not stated in the Brave Branding Assets page, so I can’t know if it’s under a free license or not.

Is this information available?

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Let me cc @Mattches @rebron2000 @sampson on this.

The Brave logo still is under an unknown license… Is there any update on this?

@brad would be the right person to ask


@Luk3 Thanks for reaching out and offering to assist with spreading the good word about Brave. Unfortunately since the Brave Software logo-mark is used to represent Brave - The Company as well as the product - we would not be able to change its ownership license to Creative Commons at this time.

It appears that Mozilla requires permission to use the Firefox logo as well but as you have stated, the artwork file is provided under creative commons. Strangely, this seems to be in conflict with their trademark requirements provided elsewhere on their website.


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