Text just disappeared

I have the same issue on my Android device, infinix Hot 5.
I have been using brave browser for 3 years on this device but never experience such issue till last two update. All texts just disappeared showing only image, i went to Google play store and updated to latest version and it fixed it for a day and the problem returned.

So the issue has just occurred on the Nightly version of brave. It was good for a while but now there’s no text and some pictures are gone.

M also facing the same text disappearing and reappearing problem. I thought I didn’t update the app that’s why it’s happening but i did update and it still didn’t fix itself. Also m using a Motorola g73 5g device. I did have the same text disfigured issues in Google and chrome before but they have been fixed for months now,only brave browser is having this problem.

Same issue here, Moto g73 5g, no text or images and it happened randomly. Has anyone found a solution yet??

This issue happens exactly the same way, but on the Desktop version (Windows 10) of Brave on latest stable build.

Same problem, Moto G54 5G here… Very frustrating.

Same problem here its really frustrating i cant use my brave browser anymore at all this way.

Moto g73 5g as well please fix

Could anyone try to disable brave://flags/#enable-image-reader?

I deactivated it and will post if the issue appears again in the next few days.

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Didn’t work, the bug returned.

I joined the community for this very problem

I am investigating “missing text” issue and I found few common points

  1. It happens on MTK based device
  2. It happens on Android 13 (rooted or not), but it doesn’t happen on Edge 2022 (Android 12)
  3. Version 1.59.xxx

I downloaded 1.58.135 from elsewhere and uninstalled latest version and installed old version, and no problem since.

Brave developers should check why

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Possible solution


Search “gpu”

Disable “GPU rasterization”

Restart Brave

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Still having the issue here. Eventually images stop rendering as well. Going for a fix soon.

The latest beta (1.62.93) fixed the disappearing text problem

Give it a try

And the latest official version as well

The fix been applied 2 days ago, https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/33941. You don’t need to update Brave, just a restart should work.

Now it happens on Chrome!
Same trick as workaround
It’s fortunate I found it and it also works on Chrome