Tab layout suddenly changes, only stack view

Tab layout suddenly changes, only stack view showing no option to change it back to how it should be by default. (Check screenshot)

I was using brave and suddenly my phone slipped from my hand and when I picked ut back the layout of tabs just changed to stacks with titles only, which should have not happened. There is not option to change it back to default.

I am is ng latest Android version and latest brave version. (

Check screenshot)

Hello @Guywithswag, thank you for bringing this to our attention. That’s strange the stack view of tabs is longer available. Try deleting cookies and cache and going to settings > open tabs in custom tabs > ON and let us know if it makes any difference.


Thanks , the issue was solved, there was some option enabled in accessibility with turned the tabs like this. Here is the link

I discovered the problem that makes the tabs stay in a list format (Stack) it is an accessibility option that is active since the app installation but occasionally bugs just deactivate it Configuration (display) (name in orange) >Accessibility >Simplified version of the open tabs > off
descobri o problema que faz as guias ficarem em formato de lista (Stack) é uma opção de acessibilidade que está ativa desde a instalação do app mas buga ocasionalmente é só desativar ela Configuração (exibição) (nome em laranja) >Acessibilidade >Versão simplificada das guias abertas > off

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Hello @Guywithswag, thank you for letting us know on how you resolved the issue. Regards.

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