Sync iPhone and Mac

I’m trying to sync my iPhone and Mac. According to information on the Brave site there should be a sync function within settings - but it doesn’t exist on my iPhone 11. Any ideas (noting that other people have had the same issue but I still can’t find an answer in this forum)


Hello @Senyai

sync is not available yet for ios hope they release it soon and have a nice day

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Hi @justsomeone1
But there is an official release about Sync on iPhone:

I’m having the same issue, I follow the instructions linked from this support article:

But in the Settings / Other settings I only have “Brave rewards” and “Brave Firewall + VPN” options and no “Sync” or “Brave Sync”. The setting also doesn’t appear anywhere else: I went through all the panels in Brave’s settings and iPhone’s settings. I have latest Brave iOS app and latest iOS version on my iPhone.

@Senyai - any luck in getting this to work?

No. No luck. I’ve gone back to Chrome for now.

Hello @18239 @Senyai

sync for ios is available for testing now

and have a nice day

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