Sync codes need frequent changing

Between work computers, home computers and mobile devices I have at least 10 devices that I used Brave on. I had to create a new sync code a couple weeks ago because one of the browsers said the code was from a deprecated version. So I did that and had to update as many of them as I could with the new sync code. Last night I went to sync one I had forgotten about and put in the new code. That one says the sync code has expired and have to do a new one. I updated to the newest version of Brave on that one and it still didn’t work. I’m not re-doing all those computers again 2 weeks later. I’m a computer guy and understand security but this is ridiculous. Most other browsers can just create an account somewhere and control syncing through a username and p/w. I’ll just be switching to Firefox I guess after a year plus of using nothing but Brave.

Brave doesn’t do that. It’s not as secure. Accounts get hacked all the time, especially as people often reuse usernames and passwords.

Sync code changes daily. Brave has announced Sync is not intended as a backup. It’s meant for you to connect to your devices and then have them maintained. You shouldn’t need to constantly add and remove devices.

You may also want to check out PSA: Current FAQ - #36 by Saoiray

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