Switch to new tab popup on Android or make tabs visible

In Firefox mobile browsers, when you open a new tab in the background, a little box comes up, asking you if you’d like to switch immediately to it.

I open a lot of tabs in the background, so I don’t lose my progress on whatever page I’m currently on. On the phone, I have to start scrolling back up the page to get the Brave toolbar. On my tablet, Brave has all of the tabs visible at the top of the screen.

What I would like to see, is to either mimic what Firefox does, and have a little pop-up that lets me immediately switch to the new page, let me keep the toolbar always visible so I don’t have to scroll around the page, or let us choose to have visible tabs, like the tablet and desktop versions of the browser.


Thanks a bunch for the suggestion @cynical13 Will pass along to the team.

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Who’s bobn9lvu? Did you copy and paste a response from another post?

Not the solution you might wanted, but try enable tab group in chrome://flags.

Ah, fat fingers and auto fill. Thanks for the correction @cynical13.

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