Switch to new tab popup on Android or make tabs visible

In Firefox mobile browsers, when you open a new tab in the background, a little box comes up, asking you if you’d like to switch immediately to it.

I open a lot of tabs in the background, so I don’t lose my progress on whatever page I’m currently on. On the phone, I have to start scrolling back up the page to get the Brave toolbar. On my tablet, Brave has all of the tabs visible at the top of the screen.

What I would like to see, is to either mimic what Firefox does, and have a little pop-up that lets me immediately switch to the new page, let me keep the toolbar always visible so I don’t have to scroll around the page, or let us choose to have visible tabs, like the tablet and desktop versions of the browser.


Thanks a bunch for the suggestion @cynical13 Will pass along to the team.


Who’s bobn9lvu? Did you copy and paste a response from another post?

Not the solution you might wanted, but try enable tab group in chrome://flags.


Ah, fat fingers and auto fill. Thanks for the correction @cynical13.


Now would be a great time to implement this, as the new version of Firefox just lost this feature among others. I’ll give Brave a few days myself to try it out, but I see it’s missing this key feature for me.

Would be amazing to have this feature. I can see 2 options:

  1. As discussed: Popup “Switch to the new tab” when a new tab is opened
  2. A new item in the context menu: “Open in new tab and switch”
    Having both would be the best.

@steeven Any update on this please?

Hey can you share the version no of your brave browser on Android tablet
And if possible the apk file too

I am trying to install brave on my android tv and the normal smartphone user interface is not good for TV (according to me)
And the brave ui for Android tabs is nice for TVs