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Hi there,
I have the same thing for another supposedly supported country: the Netherlands. Funny enough, I get the “not supported region” on my Linux machine, while I reconnected my mac even after it had failed on Linux.

Brave team, please… do something. Given all the red tape, not adding bats for ads that are clearly shown, trouble with simple operations, paying out late, partially, losing wallets because they are disconnected etc - it makes me think more and more that this is by design. After all, you probably get paid for every ad you show - we are not for every one we see.
Feels more and more like this is actually a grift in disguise.

Hi @Saoiray I tried raising a ticket on this to Brave support, and it is sadly a deadloop.
The Brave teams asks me to chase Uphold to update my identity being from UK and the Uphold teams says my profile already is updated to current address in UK and confirms it belongs to UK. On providing this proof to Brave support, they asked me if the country I registered on Uphold first with was outside UK, Yes it was but how does it matter now? The brave support teams also wants a customer’s citizenship to be on UK. I mean speechless!

To be fair, this is kind of the requirement set by governments. Remember KYC/AML? It’s where you have to provide your passport or ID card, as well as other information? and

That said, I’m hoping we can get @steeven, @Mattches, and the rest of the team to look a little deeper. Big issue is like right now, we have 10-15 people on Brave Community having this issue. It can seem like a lot, but when you consider the millions of users, the percentage is kind of small. And finding the “needle in a haystack” to resolve issues isn’t easy. Especially when you add in how there’s likely to be at least one person claiming they live in the region but really don’t, they just think that somehow they’ll be able to bypass restrictions.

I did create this topic though to help it be seen who is having the issue and perhaps to motivate them to take a second look at issues, especially as it’s impacting people in various regions. It’s just going to take a bit of patience, communication, and effort from Users and Brave staff in order to identify the issue(s) and get it resolved. Without the joint cooperation/effort and communication, you’re not going to see it resolved.

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Hi @ankurbhadra, the documentation used for KYC’ing with Uphold must match the country that you live in order for verification to be possible.

@marwanak10 @jurriaan @AuroNPL please confirm whether or not your KYC documentation (Passport, Country ID) matches the country that you are currently residing in. If so, then there is a larger issue that can be investigated.

@Think4170 please DM me if you are still unable to verify. I think I know what the root of this issue is.

Thank you.

I’ve been doing KYC for a long time

Deleted the screenshot of your current address and DOB to preserve your privacy. To confirm, your passport is Ireland issued?

Hi Steeven,

Yes indeed the Residency proof provided is BRP in my case for country UK.It is same as where I currently reside. Uphold team have confirmed as well on my profile being with UK address now.


I born from Poland. I moved to Ireland 2009 year.
I m now live in Ireland.
I have proof address to Ireland.
Passport and ID is Poland.

Thanks @ankurbhadra - did you also upload a passport when KYC’ing with Uphold? Trying to identify the gap.

Thank you @AuroNPL, I believe that is the root of this specific issue.

No. It was just the residence permit.
My current passport is of India.

@ankurbhadra can you DM me the email linked to your Uphold account? And just to triple check, at no point did you have to submit your passport to Uphold? I just saw your post above where your original KYC country with Uphold was not in the UK. Thanks in advance.

@steeven No. The passport was only submitted when I first opened my account with Uphold in 2020 that time I was in my home country. During the current Re KYC, only UK residency permit and bank statements were submitted as a address proof.

Sorry If I created any confusion.


Thanks for checking in on all of these @steeven. Hope I’m not annoying on this. Just wanted to get it all together and as seeing number of people, wanted to make sure all was seen and if there is something wrong, it’s known.

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@hutchnd the passport you used to KYC with Uphold was USA issued? You mention in one of your posts about traveling to your home country from Florida to your home country. Just want to make sure I understand correctly.

Yes, ID and residency both in Holland. Been using rewards for years. Verified ID twice. To be fair, the second verification was after a move from another country around here. Citizenship never changed. Residency did not change for all years since either.

@jurriaan thanks, can you DM me the email linked to your Uphold account?