Support in browser translation


I hope Bave team support in browser translation feature like Microsoft Edge do.

In my opinion, it’s the only feature missing to pass other bowser

I forget where I saw it, but it’s coming soon. I’ll see if I can find specifics later. But it is something they are releasing here for the future

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That would be great
It is also important they support RTL translation as Microsoft Edge does

Okay, so I went digging and learned I was wrong about coming soon. More like, it already exists. (at least on desktop). I’m not finding mobile version so will check in later to see if anyone can inform when/if that’s coming. I think that’s what I saw on a release list somewhere, but I don’t know where I was looking when I saw it.

If you’re on Desktop and want it to translate, then go to brave://flags and set Enable internal translate engine (brave-translate-go) to Enabled.

They are working on expanding languages. Right now, only have 15.

I enabled and then went to to test it, everything translated really well.

Thanks for the info
I tried the built in translation and it works fine
Still, no support for many languages such as Arabic

I hope they will support it soon

Hello, the problem is that the languages with even 100% does not work.

Translation pop-up does not appear, while it is not the issue with other browser, using the same translation service.

@tomsmtp I actually was corrected on this and thought I updated. I’ll edit now. So the language thing on transifex was for things like Settings and other language within the browser. It wasn’t for the built-in translation as I thought.

I’ll be asking more later to find out status of adding more languages and how Users might be able to contribute to getting it rolled out faster.

In the meanwhile, only languages available are:

  • de (German)
  • en (English)
  • es (Spanish)
  • fr (French)
  • hi (Hindi)
  • it (Italian)
  • ja (Japanese)
  • nl (Dutch)
  • pl (Polish)
  • pt (Portuguese)
  • ro (Romanian)
  • ru (Russian)
  • tr (Turkish)
  • vi (Vietnamese)
  • zh-Hans

You can see this at brave://translate-internals/

Thank you for an update.

I do not know why, when I tried several Romanian websites, some of them had translation pop-up, some of them did not, so not all types of websites have pop-up, even in available languages I guess.

I hope, all 100% languages listed on your transifex will receive translation support.