Please make a Native Translate Pages Option ... and other interesting THINGS maybe?

Hello Brave people, I really love your Browser, is totally amazing, there are certain features that I think should be included in your browser, this features are very important to me, for a lot of people, all right

1)Native Page Translation Options
Just like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox (using Felipe Ps’s Extension), Edge or Vivaldi, this is a extremely important feature that should be included in Brave, because we the users that use the Browser for a lot of hours every day, some times we have to deal with pages in Portuguese or in Russian or another language that is not English

2)Make "Universal Bypass(this is an extension)’’ compatible with brave Browser, this is another useful extension because, sometimes with have to deal link shorteners like Adfly, or any other crazy service for link shortener, and sometimes is possible to get a virus in these services, me and a lot of people use ‘‘Universal Bypass’’, to by pass this annoying link shortener pages, but unfortunately this extension doesn’t in Brave here is an explanation in the official page about why this doesn’t work

3)Implement Side Panels
Just like Vivaldi this is very innovative, like you can add messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram etc…, it’s really amazing that feature in Vivaldi, it would be awesome do the same in Brave…

well hey… I know this sounds ridiculous like I’m expecting to much from you? hahahha, believe me I’m not… :sunglasses: but the only thing that I need to see in Browser to be a happy man…

Is just the Implementation of a Native Translate Option, the other ideas are great too but… That’s the only thing that I cared at the end… sorry if the way I wrote this sounds rare… I’m not a native English speaker… but I’m very sure you understand what I’m talking about… well Thank You