Subtitles have disappeared from bbc iplayer

Up until yesterday (4th Jun) bbc iplayer had a subtitles icon and subtitles could be switched on/off using it. Today, the icon has vanished from the Brave iplayer (win 10) and subtitles no longer seem to be available. I have checked iplayer in chrome and the icon and availability of subtitles is there as usual. I am puzzled! Is there a setting somewhere that has been accidentally reset? Has an update to win 10 broken something (though the subtitles still work in chrome). Any suggestions?

I wish I could help, but I came here with the same problem. Very strange, but I am not surprised that the BBC hasn’t said anything. I hope it’s a temporary glitch, as I rely on subtitles a lot.

Thank you for reaching out to us!
So just seconds ago, when testing this, I registered and was able to stream video content and see the subtitles icon as intended here:

However, after interacting with the icon, it did in fact vanish (right before my eyes!) as you describe. If the page is reloaded, I’m able to see the icon again, but any interaction with it and the icon will disappear and an Error loading subtitles message will appear in the player.

Interestingly enough, changing Shields settings and/or Shields down entirely does not resolve the issue. We’ll have to look into this issue further – I’ve reached out to a few team members for additional input.

Appreciate your patience.

The strange thing is that the subtitles function works fine in Chrome - which I believe is the same core engine - so I doubt if it’s anything the BBC has done.

This is strange! Today, (7th June) the icon returned and with it the subtitle function.
I didn’t do anything. Maybe a small Windows 10 update? The BBC? I don’t think there was a Brave update. Anyway, it’s now working normally - I hope it lasts!

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