Stuck between wallets

I’m from India. Gemini no longer supports my region and Uphold says we cannot offer you an account. So currently I’m stuck in between. Is Brave aware of the issue? How long will it take to resolve it or can they support any other exchange? :

Windows 10, Brave Version 1.39.111

Is your browser wallet currently verified? :yes, both gemini and uphold

What date did you verify your wallet : Couple of months ago

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? : Yes

VPN? : No

Are you in a supported region : not according to Gemini right now

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold?? : No


Some general info . . .

Uphold, instructions: How to verify your identity


Uphold Non-Supported Jurisdictions:


Uphold info at Brave Help Center:


Gemini, instructions: Account Verification


Gemini Status:

Gemini Areas of Availability:


Gemini info at Brave Help Center:


Yes, they are aware. Uphold and Gemini aren’t providing accounts to people in India or in many other countries. This has been done by them because of a variety of reasons ranging from legal problems all the way to the idea of many scammers in regions.

Brave is always considering other options but does not have anything new that might be available any time soon. They can’t do Rewards through Brave Wallet because they would need special licenses PLUS it would require them to KYC/AML everyone who uses Brave, which means asking for all of our personal information.

Until they add another option or availability changes for Uphold and/or Gemini, your option will be to continue using Brave and earn BAT that will remain in your browser (as vBAT), to use BAT earned to tip your favorite content creators, or you can turn off Brave Ads so you don’t have to see the ads and won’t earn any BAT at all…but you’ll still be able to have everything else that comes with Brave such as adblocking and better privacy.

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