STILL UNDER REVIEW - Requeset ID 10554

My account still under review.
Request ID 10554
When I will get information.
2 days no answer.
Everyone can tell any information?

Hi there, it will take some time to review these accounts. There is a huge amount we have to review. Please hang in there. Sorry for the wait!

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My account is also under review. I have replied to your email and give answers. please can you tell me how long does it take and when get payment

Please I sent you a PM. Kindly check please.

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Me is 10571 , waiting patiently

I tried to acess my account and says that my account is under review.
My request is : 10752
Waiting for a response

Best regards
André sousa

Hi @vahan690 @onlinefayyaz @iznai @stephniemer04 @asousa2018,

Can you resend your email to
The team will review your account and get back to you asap.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

i resend my email sir @eljuno… thanks

Hi @eljuno
I replied

@eljuno My account is not suspended. I just wasn’t paid out.

@iznai Ah, I assumed your account was under review because you replied to this thread. :sweat_smile:

Payout date is happens around 8th of every month, US time zone (where Brave is based). It’ll sent a contribution that you received from 1st-31th of previous month

Hello, I already forwarded to the email two days ago and so far nothing!

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