STILL missing a search icon in search bar

This is a possible scenario I am referring to. Anyone can repeat these steps as a demonstration of my point…

I am reading a web page. I find a search term or a URL that I want to dig deeper into. I highlight the word(s) and copy the terms to clipboard either by right-clicking or with Control C (or Command C on Macs). I then open either a new window or tab (maybe in a set of tabs with the research already opened).

With the cursor in Brave’s new tab or window’s blank search bar, I hit Control V for paste (or Command V on Macs). I don’t want to use the mouse to right-click, “paste and search” because maybe I’m putting search terms together with cut/paste.

My search terms or URL appear in Brave’s search bar. So far, I haven’t had to take my hand off the mouse. Everything I’ve done so far has my right hand on the mouse and my left hand hitting Control C and Control V.

Now here is the part that is wrong with Brave…

Why can’t I CLICK on something (like a magnify glass or arrow) IN THE SEARCH BAR to launch what I just pasted? WHY do I have to take my hand off the mouse to hit return? Because there is no button icon to click on in the search bar.

Good point. And crossing over keyboard with left hand to hit return is awkward. Would be a nice feature. I’ll vote. :slightly_smiling_face:

Although… just tried a search. Using DDG and the search magnifying glass drops below the bar so I can just click that using mouse. Must not do that with all search engines. But still, a magnifying glass in the bar itself would be nice.