Still getting allot of redirections

Hello Community, it seems even tho i have the adblocker turned to aggressive and multiple extra protections by fanboyz turned on. Im still getting quite a lot of redirections to sketchy sites, it happends when im trying to watch anime on (its the only site i currently use since zoro/aniwatch is taken down), but i strongly believe that the error does not lie in the Website itself. Im currently using the newest Version of the mobile browser (i even reinstalled it) so im not sure what i still can do to improve, i read about changing some stuff in the files but i dont know how to do that on mobile nor have i found any tutorials anywhere. I would be happy to get some assistance since it became very annoying lately.
Im on a Xiaomi using Android 12 Miui 13.0.6 and the issue still remains on private browsing, down below you can see what i mean, link to the website is:

Ty for any help

A fix incoming in the next 12/24hrs, thanks @Quicksilver