Something weird happen when i was downloading something

so basically what i wanted was to play gta 5, but since my pc cant fit the game in, i wanted to play it on a ps3 emulator (Rpcs3) because the game on ps3 was 14 gb, the pc version was over 70 gb, and the rom was 20 gb (if you dont know what a rom is, it is a zipped folder that contains files to run a game on a software called an emulator) i went to take a break, the next time i came back i saw this error: Failed - Server problem

That’s quite normal with bigger downloads. That’s why I always use a downloader which gives me the ability to pause/resume the downloads for longer times than the build-in downloader of the browser. Download managers also get you covers if the download failed and many can still resume the download after fetching the fresh download link.

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