Some sites are specifically designed to detect ad blocking system by brave

Look at this website. This isn’t allowing to acces the webpage with ad blocker turned on. Is there is anything that we could do?

That’s so annoying

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WIll fix the issue on the site. give it 24hrs for the update to roll out.

It is constant fight between adblockers and those who serve ads.

Next time if it happens. Make sure to tag fanboyz. He will make sure to make changes in brave adblocker to solve the problem.

Would avoid posting clickable links to the sites also (to avoid referrer checks). Just wrap in a a code post

Can brave then improve it’s anti-referrer mechanism. As far as I know, it strips some elements from the referrer to boost user privacy, but not all.

The http header still contains data from which site you are coming from.
For eg., If you click on the link ( from hacker news, the site owner trolls users from hacker news with a NSFW image (open the link on your own risk).
But, If I open it, let’s say from librewolf, it seems to strip all referrers by which the NSFW image does not appear.
For librewolf, when cross-orgin referrers is turned OFF (1st video):-

For brave (2nd video):-

For librewolf, when cross-orgin referrers is turned ON (3rd video):-


Hi! We actually used to strip the entire referrer on cross origin navigations, but ended up breaking a non-trivial number of sites and login flows, so changed to the current policy for compatibility reasons. Since we already have to report the origin header (again for compatibility reasons), including an origin-only referrer ends up being a compat with with no additional privacy harm (since the two headers effectively mirror each other).

The below post has more details

Hope this helps explain the current policy and trade offs

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(My opinion) But, I feel more ‘secure’, ‘safer’, private with Librewolf with anti cross-origin referrer enabled.

As a user, I would like if there was brave://flag to duplicate librewolf feature (or bring back the old brave referrer policy, with or without exceptions.).

“In addition, cross-origin requests from a .onion service have an empty Referer header and a null Origin header just like the Tor Browser” (.

I will stop my discussion here.
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