Some extensions i’d liketo see supported by Brave

Some extensions i’d liketo see supported by Brave, so I can fully use Brave as my standard browser.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger protects you from trackers as you surf the web!

(Don’t know if really necessary in Brave)

Actually why aren’t all extensions of Chrome supported in Brave.
They do share the same system I guess.

Hi @vincitytaymodaimo

Brave 0.57.x and higher already support most extensions. For now you can install it from Chroms Web Store. Brave own store is in the plan.


Did you know that Brave already incorporates many of Privacy Badger’s protections? Yan, our head of security, previously worked as the main developer on Privacy Badger — so we’re definitely on track to cover all that functionality.

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