Problems with Swap USDT on Solana Mainnet Beta

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Description of the issue:

I deposited USDT on Solana Mainnet Beta some time ago, and wanted to swap USDT to SOL (same network), but I can’t do it. After filling out the swap order and pressing the button “Review order”, I get the new pop-up window with 0 amounts (not with the figures I initially used). Naturally, the transaction is not going through, even if I press “confirm”. I am getting an error.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network?

Yes, on Solana network.

What operating system are you using?

MacOS Sonoma 14.0

Brave Version (check About Brave):


Additional Information:

It’s weird, that my USDT amount is not reflected as part of the total portfolio value in $ when you go to the “Portfolio” tab. The standard way to reflect the asset is: the upper line shows the current value in $ and the below line shows the total number of coins (tokens) owned. In my case I have 958 USDT (the below line) and the upper line shows the equivalent value of 0.01486 in USD!!!

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