Software needs reloading each time I restart my Mac?

I am a new Brave user. I am using Brave 1.13.82 on a new iMac running OS 10.15; I downloaded the program from the internet. I loaded the software and began using it. When I restarted my computer, the Browser needed to be reloaded. I expected that when I clicked the lion icon, Brave browser would open up.

This has happened every time I have restarted my computer, more than ten times.

I do not know what “expected result” means, other than the plain face meaning that I expect you to reply and help me resolve this problem so I can use the browswer.

Can you be more specific about what you mean when you say “reloaded”? You open the browser, use it, then restart your machine then what happens when you click on the Brave icon to launch the browser again?

Thanks for replying. When I click the icon, the browser doesn’t open, but rather I get this window prompting me to load the software again, which I do. When I do, the browser has all my settings in place. I’m jus wondering why it needs reloading each time. Best.

Did you click and drag the Brave browser icon into the Applications folder as instructed there? Make sure you do – it seems as though you’re attempting to launch the browser through the installer icon, not the browser icon. Launch that window in your image again, drag the icon into the Applications folder, close that window. Then, go to Applications in finder and open Brave – you should be good to go.

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