Site Search using Brave

I tried to implement site search for my website.
Following directions at
I came up with

This works fine in Firefox and IE but not in Brave.
I would appreciate comments from Brave experts.

Maybe blocked by Brave Shields. Click Brave Shields icon on URL bar to see if the script is being blocked.

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Can you please share a link to your website so that I can test it on my end?

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I will try this idea.

So far, I have only tested in preview on my local system.
Matt you solved my problem, although in a way that I would not have expected, though you might have done. I uploaded my search page and was delighted to find that the search box appeared correctly in Brave or Chrome (and that search worked fine.( This was true despite the fact that in Dreamweaver on my system, when doing browser preview for Brave or Chrome, search box is not displayed (though it is correctly in FF or IE preview.) So online is not identical to browser preview in Dreamweaver. Who would have thought?