Simple Note-Taking Card (or area) on Homepage

Requested Feature - Simple Note-taking card or area on the homepage (where frequently visited sites are shown)

I think this feature would be beneficial to Brave because:

A: We get on our computers and get on the internet for a reason. Most of the time it’s for work, learning, curiosity, shopping, recipes, or just plain old browsing (amongst a myriad of other reasons).

B: It would be nice to have some sort of simple note-taking feature that allows a person to take a quick note, so when they open a new tab, the note is right there in front of them right next to their frequently visited sites.

C: the simple note-taking feature would live on the homepage, in the middle of the frequently visited sites (on the left) and the crypto wallets/features (on the right). OR, it could even be a card like the crypto cards on the right.

I like this idea. I use sticky notes right now but it would be more convenient to have something built right into the browser. This Feature Request gets my vote. :smiley: