Shortcut keys for dev-tools

Shortcut keys for dev-tools

Firefox has shortcut keys to open the JS console, network requests, etc… which saves me a lot of time as a web developer

Suggested shortcut keys:

Ctrl + Shift + K: Open dev-tools console
Ctrl + Shift + E: Open dev-tools network requests
Ctrl + Shift + Z: Open dev-tools debugger (or Ctrl + Shift + D to keep in line with vsCode)


Brave has custom shortcuts coming out soon. I know it’s been in Nightly for a bit. I haven’t been tracking to see if it’s in Beta or anything, but yeah…you’ll have some of the options to be able to either use their shortcuts or to assign your own. (^_^)

It may not be 100% on everything you’re mentioning, but at least am showing you some of the options. Brave is always improving on things.