Service workers blocked for VS Code

Description of the issue:

VS Code uses service workers inside iframes to power its webview API. These service workers are blocked by the default brave settings

Exact URL of the website in question:

  1. Open the extensions view in the left hand side (its the one with the 4 blocks)
  2. Click on some extension
  3. The extension’s page will not show

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)


Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?


Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no):

Disabling cookie blocking fixes this

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?


Brave version (check About Brave):

Version 1.11.104 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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