Sent USDT via Binance Smart chain to Brave wallet

I accidentally sent USDT via the Binance Smart Chain to my Brave Wallet. The USDT got sent, but never arrived. Is there any way i could retrieve the tokens back?
Thanks a lot in advance!

In which way? If it’s showing sent, then it’s arrived but you likely just haven’t turned on the asset for it. Make sure to go into Brave Wallet and that you have the USDT asset activated.

By default, you can choose from the list below, none of which would be checked off:

Brave Wallet - Brave 10_30_2022 18_58_21
Photos 10_30_2022 18_58_17

And if none of those options include the USDT from Binance Smart Chain, then you’d need to click on Add custom asset that was in blue letters on top. At which point you’d fill out all the information as you see below, which would let Brave Wallet see and display the asset.

Sent USDT via Binance Smart chain to Brave wallet - Brave Community - Brave 10_30_2022 19_00_16

And as for getting it sent back, you’d have to send it yourself and, of course, would have gas fees in doing so.


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