Send custom tip amount to brave creators on Brave Android app

In Windows or Mac brave allowed us to send custom amount of bat to creators. But the problem is ‘How to send custom amount of tip to brave publishers on Brave Android mobile app’

If We have under 1 Bat balance there is no way to send our balance to creators. Please add option to do this.

They are working on it. It will be soon available.

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As @chh_68 mentioned, this is something they have been working on. Unfortunately a lot of other things have come up that took priority in regards to their time and attention. But you can track it directly at

You can track directly at

You can also always check if you want to see all the projects they are working on and where it stands.

The terms they use on the rows can be confusing, so let me kind of explain

Planning = They are trying to plan things out and figure out teams to work on it. It might be a long time before anything happens

Ready To Implement = They have figured out their plan but now it is kind of sitting there until teams are able to pick it up and get started. This still can be a while, as some projects have sat in this area for over a year with no movement. It all comes down to priorities

In Progress = A team has picked it up and it’s being worked on. Keep in mind that they will bounce between projects and sometimes be pushed down to the bottom of the list based on priority. But it is definitely coming.

In Review = Just in testing or being reviewed. I don’t often see anything here.

Done = Finished and most likely already released in an existing patch.

So the current Android Custom Tip one is listed under Ready To Implement. Guessing it might be a while unless they just pick it up, run with it, and get it finished ASAP.

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