Search Results Show Pages In Random Countries

When I run a search, results bring up web pages (online shops) from India and USA while I’m in the UK.
I’d prefer to set a location so the online pages are more relevant to the area where I live. It doesn’t make much sense for me to browse online shops in countries from where I won’t be purchasing anything…?

I was searching for laptops and I typed the exact name and model for a particular laptop and results brought up pages from India and USA.
It happened to a few items I have searched for.

Pages from India and USA have been found.

Expected results from local pages, i. e. UK based companies.

Did it a few times earlier for varies things and India seems to be coming up quite regularly…

Android 12 on Google Pixel 6.
Wondows 10 on the PC.
1.34.81 on both, Android and laptop.

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