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1.My search history seems gone, goes to a “journeys” search that gets no results.
2.Don’t know version. Don’t find “about Brave” here. check `About Brave should be link

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Check brave version by entering the above into the searchbar.

not sure. @aman_m @saoiray do you guys have any idea ?

@DwayneO Can you elaborate more? What do you mean by this especially 2nd part, lol-

And alternative to what is mentioned by SmartyAadi, you can find Brave’s version at brave://version/.

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Thanx! Wish that link was on the form where it NEEDS to be.

1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Official Build) (64-bit)

When I click “search history” click the icon, “search journeys” appears in search line, I type in a word, enter, and “No search results” appears.

Could you attach a screenshot ? I am not sure if I’ve ever heard of this issue even.


Ah, got it. You mean Browsing history, cool. Are there other items in your history or is everything cleared?

Do you have clear data On exit enabled here brave://settings/clearBrowserData, by any chance? Did it happen after an update?


Thanx Aman, didn’t know there’s other history.
I see the on exit, how do I disable it? I un-checked all boxes.
I see there’s still 21K+ items there so guess it’s not gone?
Think it WAS after update.
Awaiting your instructions.

FWIW this was probably enabled in brave://flags .

What does that mean, Jim?
I just need to get browser history search up agin.

So you are saying when you go to Clear browsing data On exit, you see 21k+ items in Browsing history but brave://history/ is empty/doesn’t show those items?

If you go to brave://flags/ and search “journeys”, is every flag set to Default there?

All there is default.
This is 1st I ever saw journeys.
Do I need it?

If you clear the search box, in other words just go to brave://flags and don’t search for anything – are there any items at the top of the list of settings with a blue dot next to them? If so, that would indicate they’ve been changed from the defaults.

Otherwise, if ‘Journeys’ is enabled without having changed something in ‘flags,’ I’m confused. (For Chrome users I believe that might be getting incrementally enabled by Google, but I did not expect that to be the case for Brave. Perhaps I am wrong.)

Anyway, you likely do not need ‘Journeys’, it’s an optional feature that will eventually be released but right now it is more or less experimental.

Thanx agin, Jim.
No blue dots, search seems to be working now.
LOTSA stuff at flags, most I have zero clue what it’s for.
Most are default, few enabled or disabled.
Sure wish I could be TOTALLY clear of Google. Don’t like anything they do.
Agin, thanx, hopefully it’ll work for awhile.

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