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1.I use Brave to do searches using Quant search engine. The results come back in blocks of ten but if I open result No 21 it always returns to the top ten results when i go back to my search page! How can i change this and return to the block i was using?

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I believe that this is just the behavior of the site, since you have to click to expand the search engine results. I’m getting the same behavior on Chrome and Firefox as well.

Thanks for the information Mattches. Firefox used to have a setting called “Infinite Scroll” which allowed you to return to our original position in the search results. I just wondered if Brave had anything similar.

Unfortunately we do not have an equivalent at this time. I do know that there are extensions you can install that will do this for you though, if that suits your needs,

Thank you Mattches. I did not know that. I will see what I can find.

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