Save addresses and credit cards on Brave mobile iOS

I’m new to Brave on iOS. I’m trying to save addresses and credit cards in Brave mobile, just like I can on desktop. How do i do this?

Hey stereo2 if you are having issues saving information like that you can try syncing your Desktop brave account with your Brave mobile IOS and it should send over! If this isn’t an option for you, you can try inputing your address or credit card on a trusted site and accepting the prompt to save it to Brave.

If I am correct, the sync feature hasn’t been added to iOS devices.

But just check if its present in your settings. And do let me know.

it has. I use it on my daily device and my ipad.

Then he can easily use the sync feature.

Thats what i said! :DDDD

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the help!! I have synced my phone to my Mac, but the banking or address details have not come across. Do I need to “force” them to migrate over somehow? I feel like i’m missing something. Why isn’t there a section in Brave (iOS) settings where I can enter card details?

Maybe that is done for security purposes.

Just add the card details and address over in your pc.

Hmmmm. Nah that won’t work for me. Shame… but I’ll have to go over to Duck Duck Go.

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