Add support for autofilling


It seems like this is the recommended way to give feedback, so here I go!

I just started using Brave for desktop and so far so good. Unfortunately I have stopped using Brave for iOS however because it doesn’t support autofilling. In particular I’m interested in support for autofilling credit card info, but regular address autofilling would be great too. I think the latter is supported through some three dot menu, but it should work like in Safari where something appears above your keyboard.



It seems that the Brave browser for iOS currently lacks some autofill functionalities that you’re looking for. While the desktop version supports autofill options, the mobile version has limitations due to Apple’s restrictions on browsers. Users have expressed similar concerns on the Brave Community forums, indicating a desire for autofill features to be implemented.

For managing saved information on Brave iOS, you can try the following steps:

Launch Brave.
Open the Menu in the top right.
Go to Settings → Additional Settings → Autofill or brave://settings/autofill.
At the top, select which form type you’d like to manage.
Toggle on the autofill option you would like to set and make sure your information is correct.

However, it’s important to note that these settings may not fully address the autofill experience you’re seeking, similar to what’s offered by Safari. The Brave team is aware of these user requests, and hopefully, they will be able to provide a solution that integrates seamlessly with iOS in the future.

I hope the information may helps you.

Best regards,
Yvonne Rhodes