Rewards Summary: No Activites Yet

Greetings, I am on windows 10 running the latest version of Brave. I am getting advertisements and am able to click and view them however when going to the rewards screen it is showing No Activities Yet.

Its been a few months since I last used this device and I connected my uphold wallet around the time I last was recv rewards. Not really sure what to do and could use some help getting it working.

The same here. This is on Ubuntu. History shows I clicked on ads, however, the count is zero.

If super frustrating. I already had like 30 bat when my phone bit the dust and they didn’t have wallet linking yet so I lost those. I enjoy using the browser if it would do the rewards like it’s supposed to…

Just checked on my phone and while it does have some reward listed it has not counted any viewed ads for at least the last 4 days either.

Can I get some help with this?

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